We are a service company operating throughout Europe for forwarding and logistics providers, specialised in temperature-controlled, direct delivery of pharmaceuticals.

We also provide processing of cross-trade consignments, transportation of dangerous goods and transportation of urgent or sensitive commercial goods.

Naturally, we are at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, to address any matters that may arise.

The company Top-Kurier is founded and based in Rümmingen, to carry out
Europe-wide courier and express services.

A private fleet of vehicles is formed.

The company and fleet is certified, validated and qualified in temperature-controlled
transport by the company Testo.

The sole proprietorship is made a limited company (GmbH).

The company relocates to its private new building in Rheinfelden (Baden).

The company is certified, validated and qualified by the European Institute
for Pharma Logistics GmbH (EIPL).

The company is certified according to "ISO 9001:2008".

The vehicle fleet is supplemented with 5 t refrigerated vehicles.

Scheduled, process-orientated temperature test mappings with extensive
evaluation are carried out.

Company-GDP certification by the European Institute for Pharma Logistics
GmbH (EIPL).

The company is certified according to “ISO 9001:2015” and “ISO 14001:2015”.

Through extensive training, transparent communication and the active participation of the employees in the further development of the quality and environmental management system, the awareness has been established to live a responsible use of natural resources and to see the continuous reduction of our relative environmental impact as an essential need of our company. Our company has been ISO certified in the field of environmental management since 26/07/2018.

Our vehicle fleet is always state of the art and thus meets the current requirements (CO2 emissions).


Alongside our basic services described below, we also offer extra services, as follows: manual unloading, two-man crew, accompanying vehicle, temporary storage (no temperature-sensitive goods), additional data loggers (for the temperature range)

Temperature-controlled transportation

We transport your goods with independent refrigerators between the ranges +25°C to -25°C.
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The temperature data is recorded at 10 minute intervals and can be handed over to the customer immediately after transport. Every transport is constantly and fully supervised by our service staff. We also offer our customer access to our monitoring software.

More information on the software can be found in the Download Area.

Direct deliveries

Risk of breakage, risk of theft, time-critical transport – some of many reasons why direct delivery is sensible.
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Right now, adequate handling is essential. We load the goods onto separate units without exception and transport them directly to the customer without additional loading or reloading.

Transport of dangerous goods

We employ an internal dangerous goods representative for our dangerous goods deliveries subject to labelling, who supervises the transport and gives the personnel appropriate instructions.
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The driving personnel has been externally trained in this area and possesses an ADR certificate.

Classes 1 and 7 cannot be transported by us.


Through our cooperation with selected partners, we offer our customers throughout Europe the option to accept deliveries even at short notice and quickly transport them to their destination.
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Temperature-controlled deliveries are carried out with our own vehicle fleet without exception.


Life Science

Pharmaceuticals: Active ingredients, medication, anaesthetic
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Medical products: Implants, dental products, medical devices


Inorganic substances: Hydrides, salts, oxides of non-metals
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Organic substances: Hydrocarbons, alcohols, carboxylic acid
Special chemicals: Additives, pharmaceutical active ingredients, fine chemicals
Dangerous substances: Acetone, nicotine, hydrochloric acid

High Value

Medical, industrial and telecommunications equipment; pharmaceutical and chemical products,
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various types of maintenance that belong to the area Know-How Development, exhibits


Raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products

In order to offer you the best possible safety standard, we regularly invest in the newest technology, smart monitoring software (GAMP5-certified) and high-quality equipment. Our internal procedures are governed by a continuous improvement process that is strictly followed by our quality management.

The prescribed service intervals, yearly calibrations in accordance with DIN EN 13486 and regular employee training sessions are strictly kept and documented. In order to guarantee the security of sensitive data, we work with a system that guarantees high availability of the data.

Complete supervision at all times!

Flexible and reliable in every situation!

In order to always be able to offer our customers rapid transportation processing, we work together with selected service partners throughout Europe. Temperature-controlled deliveries are carried out with our own vehicle fleet without exception.


  • Loading area: 2 Euro pallets
  • Max. load: 300 kg
  • Vehicle tracking (GPS)

3,5 t Sprinter

  • Loading area: 4 - 5 Euro pallets
  • Max. load: 900 kg - 1,100 kg
  • With access ramp if necessary
  • Vehicle tracking (GPS)

7,5 t truck

  • Loading area: 15 Euro pallets
  • Max. load: 1,500 kg - 2,000 kg
  • With tail lift if necessary
  • Vehicle tracking (GPS)

12 t truck

  • Loading area: 17 Euro pallets
  • Max. load: 4,900 kg - 5,200 kg
  • With tail lift if necessary
  • Vehicle tracking (GPS)


Transport units (GDP):
Certification and qualification of the refrigerated vehicle by the European Institute for Pharma Logistics GmbH (EIPL) based on the PDA Technical Report 39 as well as a risk analysis and qualification sections released by the user that corresponds to the regulations of the Arzneimittel- und Wirkstoffherstellungsverordnung (AMWHV – Regulations for the Production of Medications and Active Ingredients), the EU Guideline Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and user requirements.

Telematics systems (GAMP 5):
Our telematics system Euro Web 7 is certified by the European Institute for Pharma Logistics (EIPL) GAMP 5.

Quality management system (ISO 9001:2015):
On 26/07/2018, the new standard “ISO 9001:2015” was successfully certified by TÜV Süd for the scope of “National and international door-to-door transports of express freights and temperature controlled pharmaceuticals”.

Environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015):
On 26/07/2018, an environmental management system for the scope of “National and international door-to-door transports of express freights and temperature controlled pharmaceuticals” in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 was introduced and certified by TÜV Süd.
In order to ensure that the temperature in the cargo space remains within the specified temperature range during the entirety of the transportation, we carry out regular temperature mappings with randomly selected vehicles of various capacities and distances in summer and winter.

The extensive data is meticulously analysed, evaluated and documented. Upon request, you can see the documentation in our Password-Protected Area.
In order to guarantee perfect and professional execution of your orders, regular personal training sessions are held. Our quality and security representatives, who are responsible for these areas, follow the prescribed regulations and guidelines to the letter, as described below:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13001:2015
  • EU GDP Guidelines of March 2013 on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products of Human Use (2013/C68/01)
  • Arzneimittel- und Wirkstoffherstellungsverordnung (AMWHV – Regulations for the Production of Medications and Active Ingredients)
  • WHO Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical products TRS No. 957, Annex 5 (2010)





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